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Mayor's Executive Orders - Mandatory Employee Vaccines and Mask Requirements City of Stamford Indoor Spaces


Mayor Martin has issued two Executive Orders to address the dramatic rise in COVID-19 infections in the City of Stamford, primarily due to the delta variant. 


Effective September 7, all city employees will be required to be vaccinated.  Unvaccinated employees and employees granted a medical or religious exemption  will be required to provide a weekly COVID-19 test result to the Department of Human Resources.   The Department of Human Resources will be issuing administrative procedures implementing the Mayor’s Executive Order shortly.  The administrative procedures will address many of the questions employees have regarding the implementation of the Executive Order. 

Employees are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated.  Attached is a FAQ regarding the Delta Variant, Vaccine Safety and Guidelines for Vaccinated people.  For more information there is a link in this document to the CDC web site. 


Effective August 12, it shall be required that masks or face coverings be worn in all indoor areas of any place of public accommodation including but not limited to retail businesses, restaurants and bars, within the City of Stamford, by all persons regardless of vaccination status. Masks are required at all outdoor gatherings of more than I 00 persons at City of Stamford facilities or parks.


Thank you,

Al Cava



Mayor's Directive Face Covering

To All City Employees:

Please read the attached directive from Mayor Martin regarding the requirement for all employees, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, to wear a face covering/mask in all city facilities.

Thank you,

Al Cava

TO:                  All City Employees

FROM:            Mayor David R. Martin

DATE:            August 2, 2021

SUBJECT: Face Covering/Mask Requirement

Effective immediately, all employees, vaccinated and unvaccinated, are required to wear a face covering/mask while in the Government Center and other city facilities. This requirement will remain in effect until further notice.

A fully vaccinated employee has the option not to wear a face covering/mask while working alone in a private office or in an area cordoned off from other individuals. The Human Resources Department will continue to process the ID Card sticker program for vaccinated employees. I encourage employees who work outdoors to also wear a face covering/mask while at work and potentially exposed to the general public.

The general public and visitors are required to wear a face covering/mask at all times while in the Government Center and other City facilities. This is a continuation of our current mask policy for visitors. It is strongly encouraged that the general public wear a face covering/masks while using outdoor city facilities.

These requirements are in line with most recent Connecticut Department of Public Health recommendation regarding the wearing of face coverings/mask for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals when in indoor public spaces.

"Given the rapid increases in cases of COVID-19 in Connecticut over the last 14 days due to the spread of the Delta variant, the Connecticut Department of Public Health is strongly recommending that ALL CONNECTICUT residents over two years of age, whether vaccinated or unvaccinated, return to wearing masks when in indoor public spaces.

As the Delta variant continues to accelerate the spread of COVID, please be aware that all safety protocols and policies may be subject to change.

Please continue to be safe and protect the public, your co-workers, yourself and your family.

Thank you.


Government Center Reopening Plan 7-7-2021


Pursuant to emergency powers as set forth in Connecticut General Statute Section 28-8a and Section C3-10-10 of the Charter of the City of Stamford, I hereby issue the following Executive Order.



The prior Executive Order entitled, "City Employee Leave Time and Staffing COVID-19 Pandemic," issued on March 16, 2020 (amended April l , 2020) and prior Executive Order entitled "City Employee Safety When Working at the Government Center During the COVID-19 Pandemic" issued July 31, 2020, are hereby rescinded. The City's Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP) which went into effect Tuesday March 17, 2020, as part of that Executive Order, is discontinued.

Effective Monday, July 12, 2021 , the Government Center will reopen to all employees and visitors. Department Managers should begin to schedule all employees to report to the office. All employees must be back in the office by Labor Day. Human Resources will be issuing a revised policy on remote work, to be limited in scope to accommodate special circumstances on a temporary basis where the business needs of the department can be accomplished. A number of safety protocols and new processes have been instituted to continue to provide for the safety of employees and visitors. The City has prepared a "Government Center Reopening Policies and Procedures Manual," which details these safety protocols and new processes. This manual will be distributed to all city employees at the Government Center and posted to the city's web site.

I am announcing the reopening of the Government Center and the discontinuance of the COOP as our Federal, state and local public health authorities have eased COVID-19 restrictions as the number of positive cases has dramatically declined. Vaccination rates are improving and approaching the numbers necessary for adult herd immunity. As a result, both private and public organizations in the State of Connecticut — and throughout the country — are reopening and employees are returning to the workplace.

With the reopening of the Government Center and employees returning to the workplace we continue to require certain safety protocols as not all employees or visitors have been fully vaccinated. The CDC has issued guiding principles for fully vaccinated people indicating that indoor and outdoor activities pose minimal risks to fully vaccinated people. The following face covering mask policy will be in effect at the Government Center until further notice:

  • Employees who have been validated by the Human Resources Department as being fully vaccinated are not required to wear a face covering while in the Government Center except at times when interacting with the public when wearing a face covering shall be required.
  • The general public will be required to properly wear a face covering at all times while in the Government Center.
  • Employees who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear a face covering at all times while in the Government Center and maintain social distancing protocols.

We have also utilized technology to continue to move many of our services on-line. Kiosks have been set up in the lobby of the Government Center to reduce the traffic in the building, which will aide in maintaining social distancing. Consistent with state statute, many public meetings will continue to be held remotely. On a case-by-case basis, in-person meetings can be scheduled if the necessary social distancing and other safety protocols are maintained.

This Executive Order shall take effective July 12, 2021.

Mayor Martin's Signature                                                                                                         
                 Mayor David R. Martin                                             


Email Security

We are all responsible for Technology Security in one way or another, but the most effective attacks come through email and trick users into clicking a link, providing their User Name and Password or opening an infected attachment.

This is generally called Phishing, and is a serious threat to our internal security.

You can learn how to spot these malicious emails by becoming aware of the tactics that hackers use to trick users.

The Federal Trade Commission has an excellent article on this topic, which you can read here: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/how-recognize-and-avoid-phishing-scams#recognize

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