The City Ethics Hotline

City of Stamford employees must understand that public service is a public trust, and the proper operation of the City of Stamford requires that all City officers and employees, whether elected or appointed, paid or unpaid, be impartial and responsible to the public. Every employee of the City of Stamford must demonstrate his or her commitment to performance and integrity. Our values and the City's Code of Ethics serve as our guides to conducting City business with the highest integrity and the highest ethical standards.

In an effort to assist employees with ethical concerns, we have established an Ethics Hotline where you can leave questions or report inappropriate or unethical conduct by City employees.

The Ethics Hotline telephone number is (203) 357-TIPS (8477).

When calling this number you can leave your contact information. However, if you do not feel comfortable providing this information you can simply leave a detailed message and the matter will be addressed as soon as practicable. Every effort will be made to keep your identity confidential. Please note that it is important to leave as much information as possible because a lack of specificity may hamper the completeness of our investigation. The allegations and concerns will be logged and periodically presented to the Board of Ethics of the City of Stamford.

Building a great city requires an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards and each of us is accountable to do the right thing.